Hiking holiday in Finland

Nordic hiking holiday: scher Wanderurlaub: Finland will be ‚at your feet’

Are you looking for a copious in parts unspoilt destination for a relaxing hiking holiday? Finland located in the very North of Europe offers ideal requirements for diverse hiking and trekking tours set in a vast scenic expanse which offers in itself already a superior level of relaxation. Since tourism is still very sparse here, it allows you to emerse yourself on and off the hiking routes in a descelerated world allowing you to forget all about daily life. By the way: this is mainly due to the extensive forests and idyllic lakes in Lapland.

Note: We currently have no hiking tours in Finland in our programme. How about a unique hiking holiday in Sweden instead?

During summer you enjoy perfect hiking conditions on a hiking holiday in Finland, since it never gets too hot. That way even longer tours become a relaxing experience amidst a placid nature backdrop. Winter in Finland is very cold and snowy with the result that the scenery presents itself from a completely different side. Naturally there is also the option in the cold season to seize the perfect conditions for winter sports apart from a hiking holiday. A special atmosphere is created during a hiking holiday in Finland by the so-called ‚freedom to roam’.

According to this everyone has the right to roam freely and enjoy public access to the wilderness and can for instance enjoy a campfire as long as there is no damage caused to nature. Along these lines there is also a strict 'no trace policy' in place, where no rubbish can be left behind. During your organised hiking holiday in Finnish-Lappland you will be very close to the natural scenic beauty. With the Yllas-Pallas-national park you enter one of the most beautiful regions in Lapland. Our selected routes take you from Levi into the cross-country skiing paradise Äkäslompolo, where you will get to enjoy marvellous views along the numerous lakes and lines of hills.

Hiking holiday in Finland with Eurohike: Book and enjoy our ‚Hiking-Plus’!

If you decide on our hiking holiday through Finland then you also book a persuasive comprehensive service, which you can check out with one click on our holiday details! You look forward to exlcusive routes with a relaxing flair of adventure and you get to familiarise yourself with it already before booking. We have left nothing to change when compiling our tours and checked everything out personally on site. Your holiday package includes carefully selected accommodations allowing you a relaxing end to the day after each tour. With Eurohike you hike totally carefree in Finland, since we organise your luggage transfer from one accommodation to the next. Have we whet your appetite for a hiking holiday in Finland? All dates, prices and photos to get a taste of the scenery are available here with just a few clicks of a button! In case you want personal advice, our friendly customer service team is very happy to assist you.

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