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Our Eurohike hiking tour in Norway promises an unforgettable and relaxing break. Over six days you travel through the wild beauty of the Jotunheimen National Park, also known as the ‘home of the giants’. This special name hasn’t come out of nowhere, there are numerous legends and myths about the former home of giants and trolls and the region is shaped by the countless peaks, impressive landscapes and barren valley plateaus. The Jotunheimen National Park has the highest peaks in Norway on an area of around 3,500km², 250 of which are higher than 1,900 metres. It is not surprising that right here, in the Jotunheimen National Park, you will find countless popular hiking routes – perfect for a successful hiking holiday with luggage transfer in the north.

Spectacular route to the mountain lakes and great mountain scenery in Jotunheimen National Park

Basic information about Norway

Norway, officially the Kingdom of Norway, lies to the west on the Scandinavian peninsula, borders Sweden to the east and Russia and Finland to the north-east. As one of the countries in Europe with the largest area, Norway is sparsely populated with around 5.4 million inhabitants. The regions are divided into five regions: Nord-Norge, Østlandet, Sørlandet, Vestlandet and Trøndelag. Hiking in beautiful Norway is particularly excellent, because the wild, pristine nature and the extraordinary landscapes offer ideal conditions for hikers seeking peace and quiet. The diverse hiking trails are suitable for all experience levels and offer tours for every energy level.

The most beautiful hiking tours in Norway

Hiker enjoys the view of large mountain lake and mountains in Jotunheimen National Park

Hiking in Norway

Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you hike over eight days and six daily stages on our hiking tour Norway, 8 days, through the wild Jotunheimen National Park, which houses the highest mountains in Scandinavia. En route on impressive hiking trails, the route leads you from the historic capital of Oslo directly to the centre of the national park on Lake Bygdin. After a circular hike over extensive plateaus, on the fourth day you will head to Gjendebu, where you will spend the night in a traditional mountain hut of the Norwegian Trekking Association. After a circular hike to the summit of Gjendetunga, on the sixth day of hiking, you trek to the idyllic hut village of Eidsbugarden and final back to Oslo on the last day’s stage, where you can review your successful hiking trip on the last evening.

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Our Eurohike moments in Norway

Rocky hiking trails to the mountain lakes in Jotunheimen National Park
  • Be one with nature: On our hiking tour in Norway you will experience wonderful hiking moments to breathe deeply and relax, because in the pristine nature of Scandinavia, every hiker will find their individual happiness.
  • Fireplace cosiness in Gjendebu: At the wonderful open fire in the traditional Norwegian hut of the hiking club in the middle of the mountains, you can review the past days of hiking in peace and quiet and end the evening with a cup of tea.
  • Feast like Vikings: Numerous regional dishes in Norway can be traced back to the tradition of the Vikings. Don’t miss smoked meat or dried fish.

Useful information about hiking tours in Norway

great lake view with fishing boats to the mountainous landscape of the national park

Facts and details

  • Location: In the west of the Scandinavian peninsula
  • Area: 385,207km²
  • Capital: Oslo (located on the south coast) with around 680,000 inhabitants
  • Season: The best climate for hiking tours is from June to August
  • Official language: Norwegian
  • Highest mountain: Galdhøpiggen at 2,469 metres (also the highest mountain in Scandinavia) sits in the Jotunheimen mountain range
  • Islands: Around 150,000 islands belong to Norway
  • Coast: 2,532 kilometres, coastal kilometres including bays and fjords amount to about 28,953 kilometres and about 240,000 kilometres with the coasts of the islands
Good hiking trails along the colourful mountain lakes

Climate in Norway

The climate in Norway is just as varied as the country itself. The western coastal areas are shaped by the North Atlantic Current and have mild, humid climate. This moisture is evident in frequent rain, particularly in the western areas of the mountains and, for example, in the city of Bergen. There is a reason why Bergen is known as one of the cities in Europe with the highest precipitation. The amount of rain decreases from the southern to the northern regions and the interior is characterised by a continental climate. We recommend June to August as the ideal months to travel for hiking holidays.

Fantastic views when hiking to the various mountain lakes

Norway’s culture and traditions

Kos – a word with only three letters, but it has an incredible meaning for the people of Norway. This word stands for cosiness, warmth and friendliness, for care and solidarity. Whether with the family by candlelight, a nice moment on a hike through nature or with a cup of tea in front of the fireplace – people here in the north enjoy the little moments of everyday life – there’s a reason why Norwegians are among the happiest people on earth. And it is precisely these special moments of peace and well-being that can be experienced excellently on a Eurohike hiking holiday in Norway’s pristine nature, far away from the crowds. The country is also particularly rich in cultural treasures. Numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, cultural sites, museums and the incomparable nature including the fjords, coasts and mountains are the special features of this country.

Norway’s cuisine

Nice restaurant at the mountain lake invites you to take a break

Fish in all variations and particularly fresh and of excellent quality awaits you at the table in Norway. The cuisine in the north is shaped by the long and essential tradition of fishing, so you will find wonderful fish dishes on every menu. But the time of the Vikings also had an impact on Norwegian cuisine. The basis of the smoked meat and dried fish (e.g. Klippfisk) is thanks to the former sailors of the north. A few of the typical Norwegian dishes you shouldn’t miss:

  • Norwegian salmon, whether pickled (gravet laks) boiled, smoked or fried, simply wonderful.
  • The typical Flatbrøt, a thin, crispy flatbread and the lefse, a soft flatbread made from potatoes and flour.
  • Geitost or Brunost, the wonderful brown cheese made from goats milk, caramelised and with a deliciously sweet taste.
  • Whether as a welcome meal, at weddings or as a dessert, the Rømmegrøt made from sour cream and flour (or semolina) with cinnamon, sugar and raisins is very popular for every occasion.

One thing is guaranteed in Norway – every foodie will be happy here.

Questions and answers about hiking holidays in Norway

The ideal season for hiking in Norway is from June to August.

Jotunheimen, the highest mountain range in Scandinavia and Norway, offers a particularly beautiful hiking experience. Where, according to Nordic mythology, the giants once lived, there are plenty of hiking adventures to be discovered. Jotunheimen, including the Jotunheimen National Park, stretches from west to east of the country over a total area of ​​around 3,500 square kilometers. Countless hiking adventures are guaranteed here.

There are eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Norway. The two western Norwegian fjords, Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord, are a UNESCO natural heritage site and are among the most beautiful fjord landscapes in the world. Other World Heritage sites in Norway are: the Hanseatic Quarter of Bryggen in the mountains, the mining town of Røros, the rock art of Alta, the Vega Archipelago, the Struve Arch, Urnes Stave Church, the oldest stave church in the world, and the industrial monument Rjukkan-Notodden.

The Jotunheimen area has a long culinary tradition. On your hiking holiday be sure to try the regional specialties such as elk meat, reindeer meat or smoked meat, cheese and homemade jam from the region. Be sure to try the famous Norwegian salmon or cod, the typical crispy flatbread 'Flatbrøt', the first-class seafood or 'Fårikål', a typical lamb stew with cabbage.

The Jotunheimen area has around 300 kilometers of marked hiking paths. Expansive valleys, imposing mountain panoramas, crystal-clear mountain lakes and breathtaking waterfalls await you on the hiking holiday Norway, 8 days. But there are also wonderful adventures waiting for you aside the hiking trails. Right at the beginning of your hiking tour you have the opportunity to explore Oslo, the capital of Norway, with its numerous cultural sights, parks, museums and restaurants.

After a pleasant hike in nature, you can relax and enjoy yourself in one of the local cafés with a typical Skillingsboller, a cinnamon roll and a warm cup of coffee.

Open fire and cabin atmosphere in Gjendebu. The overnight stays in the huts are something very special on your hiking holiday. You spend the night surrounded by the mountains in a traditional hut belonging to the Norwegian Hiking Association. In the evening you can chat with other hiking enthusiasts about the experiences of the day.

5 reasons for a hiking holiday in Norway

  • 3,500 sq km of wild nature: The Jotunheimen mountains are not only the most popular National Park in Norway, but also encompass a total of around 3,500 sq km of original nature with impressive mountain peaks, glaciers, lakes and waterfalls – a wild landscape that is particularly suitable for a varied hiking adventure.
  • Hike outside to wind down: You are guaranteed to relax when hiking in the fresh air in Norway. The daily routes guide you on particularly beautiful hiking paths far away from the crowds.
  • Great network of hiking trails: The Jotunheimen mountain range with the Jotunheimen National Park offers around 300 kilometers of well-signposted hiking paths.
  • Overnight stay in a hut with a romantic fireplace: An overnight stay in a cozy hut is also a must on a hiking holiday in Norway. You will experience exactly this unforgettable overnight stay in a hut with a fireplace on our hiking holiday in Norway, 8 days.
  • Seasonal and regional specialities: The kitchen in Norway convinces with quality, regionality and seasonality. Try one of the typical specialties of Norwegian cuisine. From the fish specialties, meat dishes or delicious desserts, there is certainly something delightful for every taste.
Hiker in Jotunheimen National Park, with mountains and waterfall in the background

Hiking holiday in Norway with luggage transfer

Take a deep breath and experience – with lots of moments of peace and a unique natural backdrop in the pristine northern wilderness. To round off your hiking day perfectly, nibble on the best of the country’s maritime cuisine – the perfect active holiday in the north. We at Eurohike take care of your all-round successful hiking holiday with our detailed travel documents, smooth luggage transfer, on-site support and comfortable accommodation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our Eurohike service-hotline.

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