Hiking Holiday in Romania

Explore Romania from its most beautiful side during a hiking holiday

The homeland of Count Dracuala steeped in legend is also highly regarded by hiking enthusiasts. It is hardly surprising with the attractive scenery in mind, since with Eurobike you have a wide range of exciting hiking paths to explore in Romania: a hiking holiday through Romania leads you into unspoilt nature scenery where a multifacetted animal world provides lively contrasts. On top of that numerous little villages offer an authentic flair and allow you to experience Romanian culture as vivid and alive.

Transylvania & Carpathian Mountains

Especially hiking tours across the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvania cater for diverse challenges and stupendous views. The proud Carpathian forests create a unique atmosphere, since nowhere else in Europe can one find such a large forest area. In the villages you experience the traditional type of settlement, which is still popular and current today. According to the meaningful motto ‚hiking just like 100 years ago’ Eurohike leads you along selected hiking tours through the highlights of the Carpathian Mountains, of which the shepherds’ villages Rasinari, Orlat and Sibiel are part of. Alpine mountain meadows and crests as well as dense coniferous- and broadleaf forests will be your constant companions. The second part of the hiking holiday is just as impressive, since it leads you into Transylvania, where impressive fortress churches and seemingly forgotten villages are waiting to be explored. Part of the highlights of the hiking holiday in Romania are visits to Hermannstadt and Schäßburg. 

Top service for your hiking holiday: Romania at your feet with Eurohike

And so this can happen from the time of booking your holiday, with Eurobike you get to look forward to totally successful organisation. Centre stage are carefully compiled hiking tours, you get to familiarise yourself beforehand with thanks to the informative maps. You enjoy a completely carefree hiking holiday, since Eurohike transports your luggage from one accommodation to the next. At each Day Finish your accommodation included in the tour price awaits and invites to linger in this traditional flair. In case you have any questions or requirements regarding a hiking holiday in Romania, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone!

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