Hiking holidays in Slovakia

The world’s smallest highlands: Eurohike’s hiking holidays in Slovakia will delight you

With Slovakia you choose a hiking destination in Central Europe in reasonably close proximity with similar climatic conditions to Austria. This little country offers several national parks and multifarious scenery which will be a constant companion along many routes during a hiking holiday with Eurohike. Many of the fabulous nature reserves are specially protected in order to conserve the landscape and particularly the animal world. Eurohike carries you off to the most stunning locations which you get to enjoy in a relaxed fashion on selected daily tours.

Note: We currently have no hiking tours in Slovakia in our programme. How about a unique hiking holiday in Slovenia instead?

Apart from the impressive mountain world keeping one or two challenges in readiness, you will experience Slovakian culture and ethnic elements first-hand in the villages. In the course of very challenging hiking holidays with Eurohike you get to know Slovakia from a completely novel perspective which is very close to nature indeed. Look forward to the High Tatra, also called the ‚world’s smallest highlands’. Within a very short distance 20 peaks with an altitude of more than 2500 metres each line up for you. During you hiking holiday you get to enjoy the wonderful quietness of Slovakia’s mountains and forests.

During mountain hiking experienced mountaineers get their money’s worth, since the partly challenging paths are rewarded with spectacular views. Valleys and placid mountain lakes provide a welcome change inviting to linger and rest for a bit. Part of the special highlights on our hiking holidays in Slovakia are the impressive waterfalls and also passes, which you will get to cross. And also the fauna will enthrall you: eagles, wolves, foxes and also brown bears thrive here in their natural habitat.

Hiking holidays with an emphasis on service: Slovakia provides a perfect holiday setting

Enjoy anticipation emerging directly after booking! With Eurohike you can savour this feeling to the fullest since you receive detailed maps beforehand in order to familiarise yourself with the details of the itinerary. Additionally you can also look forward to perfect holiday organisation, which allows you to breath deeply. Thus Eurohike not only takes care of your luggage and transports it from one Day Finish to the next, but also carefully selects accommodations included in the tour price. Ultimately we want you to feel totally comfortable and at ease during and off the routes. Our personal advisory  service renders the holistic service experience perfect for hikers looking for recreation. We are also more than happy to make special arrangements for you during hiking in Slovakia, for instance professionally guided group tours. You can book hiking holidays in Slovakia online with only a few clicks of a button. Please find all necessary information regarding services and itineraries in a very clear format at:  eurohike.at

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