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Located in the heart of Europe, Slovenia is a real insider tip when it comes to active travel. A country that has a wonderful natural landscape, an imposing alpine world, the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and more than 10,000 kilometres of hiking trails – a true Eldorado for hikers hungry for exercise. There are also numerous cultural highlights, fantastic cuisine with a variety of traditional dishes and hospitable locals, who welcome you from the very first step. Experience the most beautiful places and routes on our hiking tours with luggage transfer in Slovenia.

Panoramic views in the Julian Alps

Basic information about Slovenia

From the Alps to the Adriatic Sea: Slovenia is a country in the south of Central Europe, which borders Austria in the north, Hungary in the northeast, Croatia in the southeast and the Adriatic Sea and Italy in the west. Despite the small size, the country has four contrasting landforms and three different climatic zones. In the northwest you find the high mountain ranges of the Julian Alps, Karawanken and the Steiner Alps. The Soĉa, one of the country’s most important rivers, also has its source in the Julian Alps. In the southwest, on the other hand, the landscape is shaped by Mediterranean influences. However, one thing applies to the entire country: the mountains and hilly landscapes of Slovenia with its more than 10,000 kilometres of marked hiking routes make the heart of every hiking holidaymaker beat faster. Experience wonderful moments of peace in the open, unspoilt nature of Slovenia and while hiking in the Alps in your hiking holiday.

The most beautiful hiking tours in Slovenia

Impressive landscape in Slovenia

Alpe-Adria-Trail Slovenia

Explore and enjoy the most beautiful places of the only national park in Slovenia, the Triglav National Park, as well as the most beautiful river in Europe, the Soĉa on our hiking tour Alpe-Adria-Trail Slovenia, 7 days. The starting point of your active trip is Kranjska Gora. From there, the first stage takes you high up – to the Vršič pass at 1,618 metres, which is also the starting point for your first day of hiking. On foot, the route leads you down to the source of the Soĉa, also known as the soul of the Julian Alps, and finally along the Soĉa Trail to Trenta. The next day, the route to Bovec takes you over spectacular suspension bridges and later through the Soĉa Gorge. The following stages lead first to Drežnica and on the fifth day to Tolmin. The last day ends with a wonderful hike to Hlevnik and the ridge of the Kolovrat, as well as an enjoyable descent to the Reguio Solarie, a former border crossing to Italy.

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Impressive views in Slovenia

Ridge walk Julian Alps

On our Eurohike mountain hiking tour Ridge walk Julian Alps, 8 days you will climb high. After an overnight stay in Bled, you will go to the Pokljuka plateau and on the following day of your journey to the centre of the Julian Alps – to Triglav, the highest peak in the country. There you spend the night in the Planika hut, which is located directly below the south face of Triglav. Note: an additional overnight stay and experience of alpine climbing are required for an ascent of Triglav. On the next day you head to the seven lakes in Trivglav National Park and on the fifth day past the Schwarzsee to the Komna hut. Another highlight awaits you on the next stage to Ribčev Laz – the hike to Lake Bohinj, the largest glacial lake in the country. On the last day of your hiking trip, you have the flexibility to decide whether to round off your hiking trip with a tour to the Vintgar Gorge or a lake tour around the idyllic Lake Bled.

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Ridge walk Julian Alps

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Our Eurohike moments in Slovenia

  • Invigorating natural spectacles: On a hiking holiday in Slovenia, you are in good company with beautiful natural landscapes. A particularly invigorating natural spectacle awaits you on the fourth day of the Alpe-Adria-Trail Slovenia, 7 days – the Boka waterfall, the largest waterfall in Slovenia.
  • Taste Slovenia: After the fifth day’s stage from the Komna Hut to Ribčev Laz, treat yourself to a homemade, beneficial honey liqueur or schnapps. To be tasted on the hiking tour Ridge walk Julian Alps, 8 days.
  • Enjoy cheese in the high alpine pastures: What could be better than getting to know the culinary specialties of the region during a hike? On our mountain hiking tour Alpe-Adria-Trail Slovenia, 7 days you will experience the pleasure of the high alpine pastures on the Kuhinja on the fifth day. Here you can taste the wonderful local cheese.
  • Hiking break by the water: On the hiking tour Ridge walk Julian Alps, 8 days you can enjoy a wonderfully quiet hiking break on the oldest glacial lake in Slovenia on the sixth day. Embedded in the surrounding mountain landscape of the Triglav National Park, it is an ideal place to recharge your batteries.

Useful information about hiking tours in Slovenia

Unique nature experience

Facts and Details

  • Location: Slovenia is located in the southern region of Central Europe between the eastern Alps and north-eastern Adriatic
  • Area: 20,273 km²
  • Population: 2.081 million
  • Capital: Ljubljana with approx. 284,355 inhabitants
  • Official language: Slovenian
  • Highest mountain: Triglav in the Julian Alps at 2,864 metres
  • Coast: 46 kilometres (small part of the Adriatic coast)
  • Season: The best climate for hiking trips in Slovenia is from May to October
  • Special feature: Every fiftieth internationally known animal (on the mainland) and plant species is native to Slovenia. The country is one of the countries in Europe with the greatest biodiversity.
Walking routes near river Soča

Climate and nature in Slovenia

Despite the small size of the country, Slovenia has three different climatic zones. The northern regions are characterised by an alpine or sub-alpine climate. The warmer months in particular are ideal for a hiking holiday here, as it doesn’t get too hot even in summer. In the east of Slovenia, on the other hand, there is a Pannonian climate, which can lead to colder winter months and a hot summer. The south of the country, especially the regions on the Adriatic Sea and in the countryside, have a Mediterranean or sub-Mediterranean climate. Due to the different climate types, Slovenia is also home to diverse flora and fauna, making the country one of the EU countries with the most extensive biodiversity. So that many plants and animals will keep their home over the coming decades, the country is taking appropriate conservation measures and has already placed more than 35% of the country’s area, as well as 312 animal and plant species, under protection.

Panoramic view at lake Bohinj

Culture and tradition

Diversity is also part of the agenda with regards to different regional traditions and customs. The dances, traditional costumes and typical folk music in Slovenia vary from area to area. Traditional folk music is popular across the country and is an integral part of numerous celebrations. To the sound of the accordion or stringed instruments – live of course – you can dance the polka or the waltz. On a hiking holiday in Slovenia you will explore the treasures of the country and meet the people who give the culture a face with every step of the route. Look forward to a colourful adventure on a hiking holiday with luggage transfer in Slovenia.

Honey from Slovenia

Slovenian cuisine

From the Alpine regions to the Adriatic – the diversity of the country can also be found on the menu. The surrounding countries such as Austria, Hungary and Italy also have an influence on Slovenian cuisine. The basis of the delicious dishes are fresh fruit and vegetables, regional meat and dairy products, wonderful wild herbs, vegetables and wild fruit from the forests of Slovenia. You should definitely try the Slovenian specialties such as the famous sweet gold – the internationally popular honey from Slovenia, the local pumpkin seed oil, the good wines or the herbal liqueur ‘Pelinkovac’. Another thing not to be missed on a hiking holiday in Slovenia is the most delicious item from Bled – the traditional Bled cream cake made from puff pastry, cream and custard. For decades, those with a sweet tooth have made the pilgrimage to Bled to try the unique dessert.

Did you know … ?

That there is a wishing bell on the island of Bled?

A trip on the traditional Plenta wooden boat to the island of Bled is a special experience. On the crossing you can already start thinking about which wish you would like to make on the bell on the so-called island of wishes. Because in the ‘Church of Our Lady’ on the Lake you will find the famous bell tower and wishing bell. When the bell rings, it means you must think firmly of the wish and trust that the request will be heard.

That there are thousands of kilometres of hiking trails in the Julian Alps alone?

In the Julian Alps, the largest nature reserve in the country, you will find around 7,000 kilometres of marked and continuously maintained paths on an area of 880km², wonderful opportunities to spend your time-out in the great outdoors.

That more than half of the total area of Slovenia consists of forests?

About 58% of the total land area in Slovenia is covered in forest. It is therefore not surprising that Slovenia was the first country in the world to be chosen as a ‘green travel destination’. Because Slovenia not only shows its most beautiful and greenest landscape, but also ensures that guests can travel to the country in a sustainable and nature-friendly way.

That a Slovenian delicacy has been eaten in space?

The famous Slovenian Carniolan sausage not only has protected designation of origin, it was also eaten in space in 2006.


Questions and answers about hiking holidays in Slovenia

The perfect period for a hiking holiday in Slovenia is from May to October. Even in the summer months, the temperatures usually do not rise above 30 degrees, which makes hiking outdoors a wonderfully enjoyable break.

Especially the beautiful hiking regions in the Triglav National Park and the beautiful natural landscapes in the Soĉatal offer the best conditions for hiking in the open air. The fantastic Julian Alps with the Triglav mountain, with 2,864 meters the highest mountain in Slovenia, ensure a varied mountain hiking adventure. Experience the magic of hiking in Slovenia for yourself on the hiking tour Ridge walk Julian Alps or the hiking holiday Alpe-Adria-Trail Slovenia.

Slovenia is home to a total of five UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Three of them are a World Heritage Site and two are a World Natural Heritage Site. These include the Škocjan Caves with the largest underground canyon in Europe, the original beech forests and primeval beech forests of the Carpathians (a transnational World Heritage Site with another 17 European countries), the transboundary prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps, Almadén and Idrija, both historical sites of the Mercury mining and the architectural masterpieces of Jože Plečnik in Ljubljana.

Be sure to try the culinary diversity of Slovenia's cuisine during your hiking holiday. In Slovenia, fresh ingredients come straight from the region to the table. Are you a real sausage fan? Then you should try the famous ‚Krainer sausage‘ with sauerkraut. Having a real sweet tooth, you can't resist when it comes to desserts? Then try the roll cake made from yeast dough, also known as ‚Potica‘, or the particularly intense dessert ‚Prekmurska gibanica‘, which is filled with quark, nuts, apples and poppy seeds. Furthermore, Slovenia is one of the most flourishing wine regions all over Europe. Try a delicious glass of Slovenian white or red wine – you won't be disappointed!

Not only a lot of culinary highlights await you when hiking in Slovenia. The country also has a lot of natural spectacles to offer. Climb the Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia, on the hiking tour Ridge walk Julian Alps and enjoy great hiking panoramas in the Triglav National Park.

Experience the magic of the Soĉa Valley, an adventurous crossing of the Soča Gorge and the largest waterfall in Slovenia, the Boka-Waterfall, on our hiking holiday Alpe-Adria-Trail Slovenia.

6 reasons for a hiking holiday in Slovenia

  • Endless hiking Eldorado: With a particularly diverse nature and more than 10,000 kilometers of signposted hiking paths, Slovenia is a real hiking Eldorado.
  • Hiking for all target groups: The routes in Slovenia offer a wonderful experience for all levels of hiking, from easy to more demanding tours.
  • High up: About 70 percent of the total area of ​​Slovenia consists of mountains and hills. The tour to the highest mountain in the country, the Triglav in the Julian Alps at 2,864 meters, is particularly worth experiencing.
  • Original natural landscapes: Slovenia is home to wonderful, original natural landscapes that can hardly be explored better than by foot on a hiking holiday.
  • Wonderful moments of peace: When hiking in Slovenia you will enjoy one thing above all –  the wonderful peace and quiet and experience every step of the hike at your own pace.
  • The best culinary care: The basis of the Slovenian dishes are particularly fresh, regional ingredients. There are also plenty of huts and taverns with local specialties on your daily stages, which will give you strength and energy for the hike.
Trails along some lakes

Discover Slovenia by foot: a hiking holiday without luggage

On the way along the wonderful hiking routes through the Julian Alps or along the Alpe-Adria-Trail in Slovenia – completely carefree and without luggage. On our Eurohike hiking trips with luggage transfer, the focus is on your active relaxation and an enjoyable, well deserved break. Our Eurohike team takes care of this with professional advice, detailed travel documents, personal on-site support, cosy hotels and accommodation, as well as luggage transfer in your holiday destination. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our Eurohike service-hotline.

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