Hiking holidays in Turkey

Hiking holidays with a Mediterranean flair: Turkey delights with amazing tours

Are you looking for a challenging hiking experience extraordinaire? Welcome to Turkey! On a hiking holiday in Turkey Eurohike carries you off onto the most beautiful routes. Discover Turkey from a completely new and scenic perspective during our hiking holidays in Turkey, away from high-rise hotels and beaches. Emerse yourself with a perfectly organised hiking holiday into a breathtaking mountain world, which has new challenges and views for you instore every day.

Apart from challenging mountain hiking tours you will also walk through deep forests and here and there also get to view inviting Mediterranean bays. Enjoy the relaxing view onto the surface of the water and quite in this sense a Mediterranean climate, since you get perfect hiking conditions during spring and autumn. On high ground even the high temperatures of midsummer are easy to bear. Eurohike takes you on an 8-day hiking tour along the history-charged Lycian Path between mountains and the sea.

It is not worldwide considered as one of the most beautiful long-distance hiking paths by accident. Tours lead you along countless trails along the sea. Inland next to lush vegetation many cultural highlights await. Especially in the original villages you will be very pleasantly surprised by Turkish hospitality. With Eurohike you follow historic tracks along the Lycian Path since it was already used as a trade route in ancient times. Even today there are still many ruins and historic sites en route giving tesimony of its former significance.  

Hiking holidays in Turkey: With Eurohike a holiday turns into a carefree experience

Quite along these lines you can pursue your passion for hiking with Eurohike, since we take care of your luggage and transport it from one Day Finish to the next. At the end of each tour a carefully selected accommodation included in the tour price awaits. Here you will feel at home and recharge your batteries ready for the following day. Details regarding provision services and meals included in the tour price can be found in your tour documents. Centre stage of the hiking holidays across Turkey between mountains and the Mediterranean Sea are of course varied tours carrying you off into a new world each day. Seize the detailed maps to get a feel for the route profile or simply to kindle the sweet anticipation of the impending hiking holiday. Your holiday in Turkey can be booked quickly online with just a few clicks of a button. You will find a clear format of all the information you need. And in case there are still any queries, our friendly staff are more than happy to personally assist you!

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